In need of a mentor in the sports industry? We’ve got you covered!

A new year means new opportunity…for YOU! She Sports Switzerland is kicking off 2021 in style with our new mentorship programme, using devoted mentors ready to collaborate with you as their mentee. Interested? See more information and the application process below. 

Mentoring offers many different types of support

  • Advice: Mentors provide Mentees with recommendations based on their own experiences
  • Training: Mentors share knowledge, facts, and information that support and enrich Mentees
  • Coaching: Mentors provide support to Mentees during their development and help them visualize the desired outcome and see issues from different perspectives.
  • Goal-Orientation: Mentors help Mentees to define their goals, analyse their current situation, identify the right strategies to reach those goals
  • Motivation: Mentors guide Mentees during the whole programme. Mentees take responsibility and ownership for their development and learning, and Mentors help them stay on track and be focused. Mentors provide additional help overcoming obstacles 




  • Applicants must be over 18 

  • Applicants must work in the sports industry or connected fields

  • Mentee applicants must be member of She Sports Switzerland (Professional Member)

  • Mentor applicants must be member of She Sports Switzerland (Free Member)


Applications are now closed for the Spring 2021 Mentorship Programme.

 However, we will be launching another session in autumn so stayed tuned for further information later this year. In the meantime, join our She Sports community to network with like-minded and inspiring women and men in the world of sports!
Questions? Feel free to contact us at