Learn, share and network with people from all corners of the sports industry – from executives and business owners to athletes, coaches, staff and those who dare to be different and pave the way for a diverse sports world. 

In our #WeSpeak webinars, we talk with industry experts about the most important topics in sports business. Every other month, we’re excited to host conversations around women’s sports and women in the sports industry. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter, on our social media platforms or here below to never miss a webinar.

We offer regular Let’s Connect sessions for our members to network, have discussions about current and burning topics, and learn from each other to grow. You will be notified in our member newsletter and we look forward to seeing you there! Not a member yet? No problem, just sign up here.

So get your computer or phone turned on, grab a cup of tea or wine, and let’s get together!

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