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She Sports Switzerland


We believe that success is as uniquely defined as you are, but that getting there is a team sport.

Our mission at She Sports Switzerland is to be that team. To champion women working in sport. To share experiences, to create opportunities, to have your backs, to inspire, to give confidence, to challenge, to connect. To raise women in the world of sport until the playing field is level.


We champion women working in sport in three ways:

Through Live Events

We create real life speaker events in the type of environment that takes the awkwardness out of networking, where you can be yourself and where you’ll meet like-minded but still challenging, inspiring and accessible women from all levels of the sports industry. This is where you’ll meet your career team mates.

Through Sport Meet-Ups

Most of us were inspired to work in sport because we love playing sport. But the irony of working in it can mean that your time to do it is squeezed. We are here to change that by putting on sporty meet-ups that give you a ready-made team to do it with and an easy way of dusting off your old trainers or trying out something completely new. We cater for ALL abilities. We work with local entrepreneurs who want to open their doors to more women. It’s networking without you realising it and your body will thank you for it. This is where you’ll meet your physical team mates even if it’s an individual sport.

Through Our Online Community

Lives are busy, we get that. So our online community will give you the virtual team you need when you can’t be physically with us. Through our website, newsletters, blogs, social media channels and She Speaks Series of women in sport interviews, we will give you a place to hang out, some food for thought, an opportunity for healthy debate and inspiration wherever you are in the world. This is where you’ll find your virtual team.


We are a group of women who work in sport, who love sport for the way it brings people together and believe that the world, and especially women, need more opportunity to benefit from its powers of connectivity.

We give our time and experience on a 100% voluntary basis. We are about supporting women in sport at all stages of their careers and at all levels of sporting ability. So whether you’re starting out on your journey in the sports industry, an experienced woman returning to the corporate playing field after a career break or a seasoned CEO, we exist to be your team.

And you are our team too. Beyond the humans working hard in the background to make She Sports Switzerland exist, we are defined by the women – and men – who make up our community. And to us, that is such a powerful thing because we are so much bigger than ourselves.



We've got your backs, we are your team. Full stop.


We're all about real life, real human beings, real stories, honestly told.


We measure ourselves on what we do, not what we say we'll do.


We challenge ourselves and others to be the best they can be.


We nurture the power of connections and collective effort, over individual ego.


If you would like to join our She Sports community and become part of our great team, please follow the link below to fill out our short application form.