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She Sports Switzerland


She Sports Switzerland is a nonprofit organisation supporting women and men in the sports industry  and championing an equitable and diverse work environment.

Our vision is a future with a level playing field for women working in sport, which supports diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts in both the  stakeholder and the sporting environment. 

We are your partner for building those equitable systems, as our mission is to provide a supportive team committed to mentoring talent, creating an interactive and engaging community, sharing resources and providing learning and networking opportunities for all people working in sport who believe in the power of excellence and choice through gender equality.


We are supporting diversity, inclusion and equity in the sports industry.


We create real life speaker events in the type of environment that takes the awkwardness out of networking, where you can be yourself and where you’ll meet like-minded but still challenging, inspiring and accessible women from all levels of the sports industry. This is where you’ll meet your career team mates.



We support talent by delivering inspiring interviews from women and men in the sports industry. Through our website, newsletters, blogs and social media channels, we will give you some food for thought and an opportunity for healthy conversations and debates or inspiration wherever you are in the world. Further initiatives are being developed by the She Sports Team to serve our members on their journey within our industry. Stay tuned for what 2021 will bring. 


As a change facilitator we are eager to transform the governance of the sports business. With workshops and toolkits and a corporate program, we drive change from within the sports industry in the long term. 



Since being founded in 2017, She Sports Switzerland has grown from connecting women in sport, to providing mentorship and support and, most importantly, to be an educational and proactive voice helping individuals and organisations in the sports industry work towards gender equality. 

We are a group of women and men who work in sport. We give our time and experience on a 100% voluntary basis. We are about supporting women in sport at all stages of their careers. But we are supporting men too. In fact we support anyone who realises the huge potential a diverse team has to offer and who are committed to supporting women in sports. 

Beyond the team working hard in the background to make She Sports Switzerland exists, we are defined by those who make up our community. And to us, that is a powerful thing because we are so much bigger than ourselves.



We've got your backs, we are your team. Full stop.


We're all about real life, real human beings, real stories, honestly told.


We measure ourselves on what we do, not what we say we'll do.


We challenge ourselves and others to be the best they can be.


We nurture the power of connections and collective effort, over individual ego.


If you work in sports or any associated industry, or if you don’t but have a love for sport and wish to champion women in sport, we welcome you to join us. 

We welcome applications from all women involved in the sports industry and from all men in the industry who are committed to supporting women working in sport.

We are a member-led, nonprofit association which means there is a small membership fee for being part of our community. This fee essentially covers the administration costs of keeping us alive and for delivering the offerings and driving new initiatives to champion women in sport.

Once your application is approved, you will be able to benefit from our vast global network of women and men.

As we want to get to know you better and tailor our offerings as well as help you to get the most out of She Sports Switzerland, we would like to ask a few key questions of each member. 

Clicking and completing the questionnaire will take you no longer than two minutes. Not all questions are mandatory but if you are able to provide as much detail as possible, we would be most grateful.